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A short film filmed by A.J. Rickert-Epstein; Casting Taylor Janszen; Production and Video Assistant Rebellious prisoners escape from jail, stealing a bus and flying on an airplane; a silent black/white film. Music: Rjd2- True Confessions More

The Invisible Skateboarder

A Stop Motion Production The Invisible Skateboarder Hundreds of photos, light correction, photoshop, video editing all created individually by Taylor Janszen More

New Logo Design

This is my newly developed & designed logo inspired by Simply Creative. The black and white represent the colors of simplicity while the letters overlapping shows the connectivity to design. More

Mirage 2013

Mirage 2013 An 11 minute short film created by Miami University and The COM 414 Capstone Class. Key Grip, Lead Graphic Designer, and Sound Editor. More

The Walking Dead Fan Contest

Graphics, Color Correct and After Effects More

Miami University Bookstore Promo Video

The Miami University Bookstore Promo Video Filmed, Directed and Edited by Taylor Janszen More

Video Reel (2013)

Video Reel 2013 from Taylor Janszen on Vimeo. 2013 Video Reel; Taylor Janszen More

The Armageddon Slow Motion Walk

A short video filmed by A.J. Rickert-Epstein; Casting Taylor Janszen and Aaron Epstein; A very cool slow motion walk, creating slow motion effect by filming and camera operations; Music: Armageddon Soundtrack More

Rhythm Rampage

Game Trailer: Rhythm Rampage; Creator and Design: Taylor Janszen; A FPS (First Person Shooter) game with attacks corresponding in the essence of music. More

A Haunted Halloween

A 3D animation; Ghost Town (2012); Maya; Video editing and all over design; Created by: Taylor Janszen; Music: Halloween Soundtrack More